Techniques and Qualifications

  • Advanced Craniosacral Whole Body Therapy
  • Somatic Emotional Release - Upledger Institute, International Alliance of Health Care Practitioners (IAHP)
  • Qualified Upledger Teaching Assistant, Advanced
  • Myo-Skeletal Release Techniques - Erik Dalton
  • Myo-Fascial Release


  • International Alliance of Health Care Practitioners (IAHP)
  • Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP)


I was raised the Northern California coast on the Monterey Bay. Growing up I was immersed in music, art and energy medicine. By the age of 16 I had won awards for musicianship and was touring and performing in Europe. Being raised in a family that used metaphysical healing first before traditional medicine was my introduction to the healing arts. Being a formally educated lifelong student of vibrational medicine and mind/body psychology set the early groundwork for the work I do today.

In my early 20’s while working at a printing company I suffered an injury to my lower back. This chronic pain forced me to pursue all avenues of healing and pain relief. At that time, I was an active cyclist, runner and martial artist. I didnt realize then that those were all tools to manage the stress I was living in. This debilitating pain lasted over fifteen years. There were times when I could not move or get out of bed for three days at a time. I was first sent through the medical system, and later found natural healers who practiced bodywork and acupuncture. In 1996 I moved to Arizona from the Bay Area to help take care of my father who had developed a deadly cancerous brain tumor. After living in Phoenix less than a year, the cancer took his life. The stress of my father’s illness and death combined with the demands of taking care of my family was more than my body was able to assimilate and the back spasms worsened again. I soon tried to find the same type of practitioners that I was using back in California to treat my problem. Fortunately, I met a Neuromuscular bodywork Therapist. She tuned in to my issue, and isolated the source of my injury, and in just one session was able to release the physical cause of the chronic condition. Over fifteen years of debilitating pain gone in one session! But the underlying reasons for the conditions hadn’t been resolved yet.

This liberating experience started me on my path to learn about Bodywork for pain and injuries and energy medicine. I soon found myself changing careers at the age of 40, diving deep into Neuromuscular and then CranioSacral Mind/Bodywork and Energy Medicine. In 2001 I began working with several busy Chiropractic Dr’s. Within 3 years I was treating more people than I had ever imagined. I opened up my first independant office in April of 2004 and by December of that year I had a 5 month advance booking. I understand personally what it means to be unable to have the freedom we often take for granted, and how so many different types of stress have a life of their own, living in the body, connected with the whole being and the environment. We are both delicate and resilient, and the ways we adapt to change and stress co-creates our physiology.