Commonly Treated Issues

  • Low Back Pain
  • Headaches / Migraines / Vertigo
  • Strains & Sprains
  • Head injuries / Concussions
  • Structural / Postural Alignment 
  • Chronic Fatigue / Stress 
  • Whiplash / Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Soft Tissue Restriction
  • Enteric (Gut) Restrictions
  • Food / Environmental Sensitivities
  • TMJ / Jaw
  • Allergies 
  • Anxiety 
  • PTSD


Integrative Advanced Bodywork for Pain Relief

As you live your life, your body finds ways to manage whatever you take on, enduring accidents, stress, traumas, and repetitive-use injuries -- all the while recording everything it deems significant.

To help find and release the patterns and restrictions you may be holding in your body (including some that may have built up over years while you were just busy living your life), Victor Milianti integrates several proven bodywork methods in which he is certified, including:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST)
  • Somatic Emotional Release (SER)

This is not a cookie-cutter approach to bodywork. Each session is unique, focused, and tailored to your particular needs. The work takes place in a private treatment room and is done through your comfortable clothing.

What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

NMT is a direct, hands-on therapy that focuses on structural symmetry and mobility restrictions, using many techniques that blend to quickly get to the point of most myoskeletal (muscular/skeletal) conditions.

This therapy is widely used in sports and physical rehab. Involving body articulation and movement is commonly used for postural correction and local-area injuries such as low back pain and neck and shoulder pain.

What is Cranio-Sacral® Therapy?

CST is a gentle and safe hands-on therapy. It connects with the central nervous system, which controls all functions of movement, self-correction, and more, as well as the membrane and fluid systems in the cranium (head) and spinal cord. CST also works with the fascia (connective tissues) that permeate the entire body and organs deep inside that may be unreachable by direct touch.

Rather than viewing the body as something to fix, CST views the body as a self-corrective interconnected system and intelligence collection. This form of physical therapy also works with your body's own energy to open blocks and resistances. A Somatic Emotional Release (SER) sometimes occurs when trapped energy is finding a way out of the body or integrating with more of the body’s innate intelligence.

CST is used worldwide to treat concussions, in trauma release, for acute and chronic pain, for whole-body corrective healing, and to maintain health. Connecting deeply with your own body through CST can be a transformational experience. 

All sessions are done through clothing. Please wear something comfortable that allows for easy movement.

1.Biofeedback Therapy (Qi-5 Body Scan and Balance System)

Your body’s systems work ceaselessly to self-balance in the background. Our ASA system is a biofeedback body-balancing technology that sees into your body.

The ASA system Assesses, Balances, and Corrects systemic inflammatory markers and moves stuck energy.

When used in a treatment session, our ASA system:

  • Identifies over 100,000 potential stressors that your body is trying to adjust to, such as pollens, molds, specific foods, etc.
  • Creates a detailed snapshot of your body’s current state, so we can see what is most offensive to your system.
  • Isolates the stressors that are the most offensive.
  • Creates vibrational remedies to balance and correct or reduce those stressors.

ASA is a whole-body system designed to provide a series of successive treatments that help open energy pathways, or meridians, in your body. Along the way, the ASA technology shows you how to help yourself make better food and environmental choices that can accelerate your wellness process. Some conditions, like a cold, often respond to one treatment. Still, the treatments are designed to build upon each other over time, in a specific order, to reduce or eliminate the body's built up reactions to irritants.

When used in combination with our Bodywork Therapy, ASA technology provides more insight into your body’s "systems health," giving us more focused direction in treatment. The ASA system has proven to be very accurate and a wonderful addition to Bodywork Therapy.

2. BEMER PEMF Circulation Therapy

We are an authorized BEMER distributor and have the BEMER Micro-Circulation Therapy in the office and available to rent at home.

BEMER holds five worldwide patents and is a superior pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system supported by many scientific studies published on BEMER is FDA safe and is used by NASA, many top athletes, and professional sports teams.

In an 8-20 min session, BEMER stimulates micro-circulation to bring blood flow to stagnant capillaries.

Stagnant blood flow means slow healing. BEMER stimulation of micro-circulation helps nourish cells and support neurology for better health and recovery. 

3.In-Light LED Light Therapy

Using an FDA-approved programmable, safe-wavelength, LED light array, InLight Therapy reduces pain and inflammation, aids in healing bone, nerves, and soft tissue, and promotes cellular healing. It is useful for injuries, arthritis, stenosis, swelling, lymphatic fluid reduction, anti-aging, and calming the nervous system.

During a 20 min session, LED lights are placed directly on areas of treatment, which feels warm, calming, and relaxing

LED light therapy reaches and stimulates the parts of your nerve cells and blood vessel lining that transform nutrients into energy. The resulting natural vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels) increases blood flow reaching areas of the brain needing oxygen and nutrients. LED light therapy also decreases inflammation levels.

In research studies, LED light therapy has been shown to stimulate positive change in the body with traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, stress, and anxiety.

4.Ionic Footbath Detoxification Therapy

Electro-therapeutics was first developed in the 1720s. Ionic Detoxification uses a micro- current to facilitate the movement or transfer of ions in and out of cells to restore the balance of positive and negative charges (ion flow).

When cells become dehydrated, they bunch up, fusing their membranes, blocking the passage of ion channels, which prevents the cells' ability to repair themselves and eliminate toxic waste.

A session is a relaxing 30-minute soak that restores ionic passages thru the cell membranes.

The water starts clear then. During the session time, it may turn murky from the toxic elimination.

5.Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounge Therapy (VASL)

Conceived and developed by Dr. Steven Schwartz, DC, the author of Primal Resonance, our Vibro-Acoustic Sound Lounge (VASL) combines frequencies that target specific body and nervous system areas relax or stimulate your bones, tissues, and nervous system, depending on the programs chosen. This system differs from other sonic vibration therapy in that it also adds the dimension of physical vibrations into the lounge you lie upon.

The effect is as if you are inside the music or sounds.

Some people have reported feelings of enlightenment and enhanced cellular communication.